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Elderly woman with young woman at the grocery store

There are usually two types of shopping: the fun, window-browsing kind, and the “have-to-do,” errand-like kind. If you’re a caregiver, you probably spend more of your time doing the latter, which can present unique challenges. But there are ways to make things easier. Just take a look below.

Let your loved one take the lead

If your loved one insists on being with you while you shop for them, there are things you can do to prepare in advance. For instance, if they suffer from dementia and quickly become overwhelmed while shopping, go during the time of day their symptoms are least likely to arise (with Alzheimer’s patients, this is usually during the morning).

It also might help to know the time of day that’s least busy in your loved one’s favorite or neighborhood supermarket. Shopping somewhere familiar is a good idea, but so is shopping in a smaller market rather than in a large super store.

Share a ride

From finding a parking space to keeping an eye on your loved one while navigating the route, driving to and from errands can be a hassle. Consider using a rideshare service, even if you are physically able to drive. It will let you focus 100 percent on your loved one during the trip.

Take it online

If all else fails, online shopping can be a lifesaver. No longer restricted to merely “fun” items, like clothing and shoes, you can get just about anything via the web. This includes groceries and even pharmacies. Some of the latter will even deliver monthly medications.

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