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17982125 - burnout and balance

There’s probably not a caregiver out there who hasn’t dealt with – or at least heard of – burnout. And it’s more than just a set of uncomfortable symptoms; burnout can seriously compromise your health as well as your ability to look after your caree. But the tips below can help you cope.

Don’t be afraid to feel

Often, caregivers ignore their own emotions because they’re so busy dealing with those of their caree. But burying unpleasant feelings can lead to physical and mental side effects. Wherever it’s safe to express your feelings, be it with a friend, in a journal or to your therapist, make sure you have an outlet for them.

Cut yourself some slack

Caregivers can often be hard on themselves, and feel guilty when they’re not able to do everything their caree needs or wants. But this expectation is unreasonable. Remind yourself that you’re only human and let go of the things you can’t be or the tasks you can’t complete.

Find ways to build resilience

Some people like affirmations to remind themselves how strong they are or how far they’ve come. Others find solace in faith or spiritual-based practices. Whatever you do that makes you feel resilient, carve out time for it on a regular basis.