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It’s never easy to ask for help – but there’s absolutely no shame in it. Below are just some of the ways to streamline that process:

Make a list

If you’re going to ask someone (or several people) to assist with caregiving, you have to be specific about your needs. Make a list of everything you do for your loved one. Then circle the tasks you find too onerous, time-consuming or expensive. This will be the basis for your “request list.”

Know where to go

Now that you’ve detailed the kind of help you need, you’re probably more aware of the skills it will take to provide it. Jot down who you know that has these skills. If there are errands to run, you’ll want someone with a car. If your loved one has complicated medical needs, a healthcare practitioner may be warranted.

Check your resources

Your community may be a source of help of which you weren’t even aware. Consult with fraternal groups, veterans organizations, houses of worship and similar places to determine what’s available.

It might take a bit of work at first, but there is very likely help out there to assist you in looking after your loved one.